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Solent Flight offer 2 NPPL courses and the Part- FCL Private Pilots Licence.

National Private Pilots Licence (SEP)

National Private Pilots Licence (Microlight)


The syllabus for the National Private Pilots Licence requires a minimum of 32 hours of flying instruction of which 22 hours are dual (with an instructor) & 10 hours are solo. There are also 2 Skills Tests to be taken, the first is the Navigation Flight Test (which has to be completed before your solo cross country flight) & a General Flight Test at the end of the course.

Ground School
You are required to demonstrate the same level of aeronautical knowledge as a EASA-FCL PPL holder. There are 7 ground exams & 1 oral radiotelephony exam to pass at appropriate stages of your training. These subjects cover:

•Aviation Law

•Human Performance & Limitations

•Flight Performance & Planning



•Aircraft Technical

•Radiotelephony (2, written & oral)

Ground School is an integral part of your training and is conducted on a self study basis with your instructor available to help you if you get stuck.


All exams and tests are conducted in-house.


Medical Requirements

The medical requirements are for a certificate of fitness from your GP, equivalent to the DVLA Group 2 professional driving medical standards.

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